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 Through dedication we offer our customers a cost free analysis of your  current recycling process, determining solutions and alternatives.  We  evaluate and assist in implementing these suggested alternatives and  corrective measures to eliminate unjustly costs and improve bottom line  productivity.  



As the public is educated on the impact of environmental issues,  consumers ask more questions about the products they are purchasing.  Companies should expect questions about how green their manufacturing  and supply chain processes are,  and eventually how they recycle.

SCS believes in the nearing future companies will have to re-evaluate  recycling programs, implementing a "Green Alternative Approach", we  offer a one point of contact vendor solution.  Evaluating your current  process and looking to the supply chain areas improving the way your  company operates, creating profits and lowering costs in those areas  of discard of unwanted materials.  Our professionals will perform all  the proper research and development to find the best economical  recycling approach.


 We provide a complete network of partner businesses for transportation  and warehousing opportunities, allowing us to pass savings onto our  customers.  It is not unusual for transportation costs to be the single  largest cost on their financials.  Each dollar saved in these areas is a  dollar straight to the bottom line, looking to streamlining logistics  to reduce costs.